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I feel a bit strange asking for a prayer...

Thu, March 25, 2010 12:36:00 PM

From Werner,

I feel a bit strange asking for a prayer request but trust you will understand!

Over the last two years, I have been going through unemployment, sequestration and so many trials in my life and am still not sorted.

I have grown both personally and spiritually during and this time and would not trade this for a moment. I do believe that this all happened for a reason and that my true life path will be revealed to me. I have a firm believe that abundance beyond my wildest dreams will enter my life shortly and through the stillness I have developed, I will be lead by God to fulfill His purpose.

I am running out of time, financially and through helping me, my parents are at risk of losing their retirement home.

Therefore, I put in this prayer request that my financial woes come to an end and that I become free to live truth and fulfill my purpose and that my parents be secure in their retirement without the burden of financial worry.
Thank you in advance.


Dear Werner,

I am sending your prayer request to the School of Truths Prayer Group. Rest assured that powerful prayers are being said for you and yours.

In the meantime, please say the following affirmation regularly to yourself, and share it with your family.

I know that my Father is with me. I know, and believe with deep gratitude, His wonderful promise that He hears me before I ask, and that as I believe, so it will be done unto me. I thank and glorify Him for His promise that when I ask, and believe, it will be given to me. I, and my nearest and dearest, are safe in His Grace. His Good is waiting to unfold in my life as surely as His Presence stills my mind, fills my heart and soul and brings me to understand that He has been waiting for this very moment to unfold in my life... this moment when outer circumstances are forcing me to ask for help.

This act of seeking help, means that at last I acknowledge the eternal Truth that I, of myself alone, cannot do anything to help me and my family. I have always been powerless and will always be powerless if I were to continue to rely on my own wisdom, my own endurance, courage and strength. But, instead, now I thank you Father, for turning the key in my mind, the key that unlocks a simple, but vital truth that now sets me free: in my Father, in whose Spiritual Image I have been created, I, through His stupendous Presence, have access to All Power, which makes me, through Him, All-Powerful in all things that affect me and my life. His Omniscience, His All-Power, His Omni-presence, His wonderful promises, come down to this single Truth: I am a Child of the King of Kings. Divine Law, to which our Creator is also subject, since it His Own immutable Law, ensures that this is indeed the very Truth. All that He has, is mine also.This is guaranteed, cast in much more than stone, since it is underwritten not by the laws of human kind, but by Divine Law.

I recognise, and am deeply thankful, that this moment is a great turning point in my life, because I have now nothing else to do but give over to Him and ask for His help. Although God works through human hands, it is not to human beings that I look to for my material, emotional and spiritual salvation. It is to Eternal God that I turn. I am His child and I suddenly know that I need never be afraid again.”

Read the above Affirmation to yourself many times a day because it will help you to stay your mind on God alone. Do not ask for individual things. Only affirm over and over, not in desperation but in quiet gratitude, God’s Great Presence in your life and in your affairs. You have now handed everything over to Him. You have acknowledged at last that you yourself can do nothing to change things. The only work you can and must do now, is to Stop worrying. Discipline your mind. Whenever negative thoughts of any kind slip into your mind, which they often do by stealth, expel them firmly, but not fiercely or desperately. Replace a negative thought with all, or part, of the above Affirmation. Fear and worry are negative forces that have the same power as prayer, because worry is nothing but negative prayer that will materialise negative events and circumstances in your life as surely as positive prayer will do the opposite. Remind yourself often that negative emotions block the flow of His Spirit into your life, thus allowing the growth of all the things that have been keeping you awake at night.

“Let go and let God”, is the key action for you to take now. It is a simple action, yet it will continue to be hard, even impossible, as long as you fail to fully Trust your Father in His Perfection, which is waiting to flood into your life.

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