Monday, 9 March 2009

Response from Carmen - "Work till I drop"

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So is the first step is to be born again. To accept Jesus as my Saviour? I have done that.
When you are praying for a specific situation. How would you go about that? If you are in an impossible situation Can you expect your prayers answered immediatly.
When you have been praying for a long time and you get no answer what do you advise me to do.
I feel under a tremondous amount of stress about it and do not know what to think anymore.
I have been reading the Nicole Campbell Path of Truth for years but am unsure on how to apply his solutions to my problems.
Can you advise me

God bless

Dear Carmen,

Begin by making a list of the things you DO have in your life. Perhaps a reasonably good job? Access to learning and personal growth opportunities on the Internet and elsewhere? Friends, reasonably good health? Then thank God for those things. Lay them, as well as the things you think you need, at God’s feet and resolve to leave it to Him – don’t rush back constantly to see if the kettle is boiling yet. ‘Leaving it to God means’ REALLY leaving it to God.

But first, you are required to do something VERY important. If you don’t do it, leaving it at God’s feet will be an empty exercise. You must sort out your own feelings, thoughts and emotions. See clearly from where they come. Identify your fears and put them on the negative side of your list.

Look at your life and ask yourself if you are doing God’s work. Try to understand and accept that ALL work is God’s work because God is Omni-present. Try to create opportunities in your daily work routine to DO something good and kind for other people. Then you will find that you go to work with renewed vigour and interest, because you will know that what you are doing is important. It also gets you out of the house for a meaningful purpose and it gives you a chance to serve people, to help uplift them, to make their lives a little easier, even if it is only a smile that you are able to give them. Do regular exercises at home to tone up your body and you will find this also reflects as a sense of well being, of goodness and personal satisfaction in a job well done, a life well-lived.

Actively seek new ways to find little pools, little moments, of wellness, happiness and good feelings in your day and mark them up as personal victories. Then you will not come to God empty-handed, because all of these things you will lay at God’s feet, both the negative AND the positive things.

Then you will not think of “working till I drop” as a kind of punishment, but rather a source of joy that you have the energy to enjoy what can be enjoyed in your life. Know also that nobody can do this FOR you. Only you can do it. Go about it systematically and take careful note of the little victories – such as an obvious reduction in your stress levels, which will certainly begin to manifest as you discipline your emotions and your mind to look for the positive and to put the negative into perspective.

Know that God is Blessing you at every turn. This is the start of an exciting spiritual journey for you. See it as that, because it is true. And then ACT on it. Select and memorize positive affirmations (there are many in the Path of Truth and on my blog), and say them to yourself in both busy and quiet moments to help keep you oriented towards the positive and to
reject negative thoughts, fears and feelings entirely from your mind until your mind-set, (i.e. your habitual attitudes and thoughts), is happy and positive. These things make up the ‘first step’ and they are all within your ability to accomplish.

In the meantime, forget about ‘being born again’ and all that esoteric stuff. Take each day as it comes and enjoy the small victories. You will see that the rest will follow automatically as day follows night. It is the Law.


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