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The Lowest Point - Response to Deborah

Prayer request from Deborah:
Please pray for my husband to be healed from depression and to find permanent employment at an abundant salary that meets all of our needs.

Dear Deborah,
Your prayer request has been passed on to the School of Truth and their prayers will go out for you and your husband. I urge you to continue with the Affirmations I gave you earlier. Insert your husband's name and let him know what you are doing. If possible, get him to accompany you in speaking the Affirmations. The thing about Affirmations is that they serve as a focus for your mind and heart, and that of your husband, so that Spirit can manifest on the material plane all the good that God is waiting to express in your lives. Giving thanks also means to accept that God has already poured His Good into your lives. Give thanks for what is already yours and let go and let God materialize into the realities of your existence.

The change you are waiting for is closer than hands and feet. Please also look at the following for more about the power of prayer:

Be Blessed.


Reply from Deborah:
are affirmations also prayers because when i try to pray it trns into pleading and beseeching
what can i do?


Affirmations are powerful, positive confirmations of God’s Omniscience and all-encompassing Presence in His Universe – a Universe that also absolutely encompasses us and our problems. Pleading and beseeching stem from one’s human fallibility in positively expressing faith as a material manifestation of God’s infallibility. Pleading and beseeching are proof of how hard it is to strive and wrestle to ‘have faith’. To have complete faith out of one’s own striving is impossible, unless one is super-human, and who is?

The way to go forward is to let go and Let God. Breathe out. Say, "Here I am my Father". I give over. I will never be afraid again. Through the deepest, blackest darkness, I will KNOW that God is expressing my Good in ways I am not equipped to understand. But I KNOW that the hardship will soon cease. That I will win through the stormy waters of my spiritual, emotional and physical life; that I will be flung into calm waters where I will be given the blessing of being at peace enough to contemplate peacefully all that God has done for me and mine."

I speak from personal experience and I can not explain it better than that. It has to do with a light that must switch on inside of you. It is about at last giving up and giving over. It is acknowledging that I, of my self, am totally helpless and powerless; accepting that I and my dire circumstances have more than proved that I alone can not solve my problems. This is called the ‘lowest point’. When one arrives there, the only way out is to reach for God’s hand, which is forever held out to save one even in the deepest ‘slough of despond’.

One’s determined striving to force oneself to ’have faith’ is a sure sign that one has not reached the ‘lowest point’. But we have a choice. We do not have to trudge painfully along through the devastation of our lives until we reach the lowest point. We can let go and let God take over at any time of our lives. We do not have to wait until we reach the ‘lowest point’. Giving over means letting go, absolutely, without any reservations. It means stopping the striving, the manipulation, the beseeching. God is not to be beseeched. If you go inside of yourself, honestly, you will recognise the fear, the panic, the attempts to dictate to God, that dominate your thinking, your mindset. You must also know that your circumstances are a manifestation of those fears and uncertainties. You must know that negative thoughts will always manifest as circumstances and material, emotional and spiritual realities – "the thing I feared came to pass." Who you are manifests as what you are. It is the Law. God is not angry with you. He does not punish you. He loves you and yearns to protect you and give you all the good things that it is His Good Pleasure to give you. It is the Law. Even He is subject to that. It is His Law that manifests in your life. You are the trigger. For good or for bad.

But thank God there is also the miracle of Grace, which means that in spite of our shortcomings, in spite of our fears, our panic, our weakness, our negative thoughts and acts (yes let’s call these things ’sins’, for want of a better word), God Saves us. Grace means we are ALREADY saved. We have to DO nothing other than give over and give thanks.

To let go and let God, therefore, also means to stop trying to dictate to God what our ultimate good should be. It is about disciplining our minds to ward off negative thoughts, feelings and acts, even the simplest and most fleeting ones. It is about living positively so that we can draw positive circumstances to ourselves. It is about accepting that our current dire circumstances are also part of the path that leads to our ultimate good. We are never outside of God. And what happens at any moment in our lives happens inside of God, who is everywhere evenly present.

The sooner we learn and acknowledge the lessons that life, or God, is teaching us, and incorporate them into our mindset, our total value system and our habitual thinking, the sooner we will be able to step aside, (or let go and let God) leaving the door open for Spirit to flow through us and heal all of our circumstances. We will stop "believing", stop asking, stop pleading and beseeching, and give all of ourselves over to our Father who has been waiting for that moment for all of our lives up to that miraculous point.

There are no small or big miracles. There is only the miracle of the manifestation of God’s Perfect Good in our lives. I know that this is so because I have been to the ‘lowest point’.

I am praying for you to have the courage to put your hand in God’s hand without reservations of fear. Peter did it when he walked on the water for a few anxious seconds. God already knows how hard it is. He created us in goodness and in fearfulness. We have no secrets from Him. We have His sympathy, because we are His children and He, who created Love, Loves us.

You are near the corner. I sense it strongly. Take the turn NOW and you will soon join those who have evolved Faith into Trust through having PROVED to themselves that God is everywhere evenly present and that you have only to ask and believe and it WILL be given to you.

God Bless you.


Reply from Deborah:
that's the thing, at times I feel as though I have taken the step
but I keep coming back to the same question of how can I manifest
the healing in my life the way jesus did in the bible? I have wanted this for the past 19 years to walk again.

what a m I not doing why I am not able to do what jesus did, stand up and walk. why is this so
hard for me I constantly read about persons who were healed from incurable diseases as well as walk

what more can I do?

A watched kettle never boils – or so it seems. One has not truly given over to God if one keeps on rushing back to see if the kettle is boiling yet. Giving over is giving over totally and embracing not only God’s Will, but also God’s Timing, which is also perfect. Learn deeply what God is teaching you through not being able to walk and through your husband’s depression and desperate need for a good job. The kettle will not boil until you do that.

If you have internalized what I have said to you, you will know that we have no power, no strength, no independence from God. This means that we, of ourselves, can manifest nothing. It is the free, untrammeled flow of Spirit through our lives that manifests in our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental circumstances. It is about service to your fellow man, about disciplining your mind to negate negativity. That’s what we can do. But we can manifest nothing of ourselves. Only God’s Law dictates the manifestation of His All-good in our lives through His power of Love, which must shine through every single thing that we do in our lives.

Having done these things you will reach a plateau of acceptance, complete serenity and trust. Then, in practical terms, if your body is so damaged that you still cannot walk, then strength and Joy will come to you to help you adapt and carry the burden. But if you make your trust conditional to your walking again, you have not handed everything you are over to God, who Loves you, who is in you and who constitutes you absolutely.

More than this I cannot say to you. But you are not alone. You are with God and we pray that you will have the strength to be happy, secure and fulfilled.

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