Sunday, 5 October 2008

The Kingdom of God Lies Within

The following email from Alex arrived this morning. It reflects the difficulties and the challenges many of us experience on first entering the Path of Truth. I hope it will provide insight and encouragement to others who may also be searching for signposts on their spiritual journey. I also ask that you pray for Alex as per his request below.

Dear André,

Thank you for making your recordings available online. They are very
much appreciated!

I, like many, I suppose, find it difficult to ask for help. Right now
I am in desperate need of that ability. I know that having a conscious
contact with God and living in his will is of paramount importance in
my life but I am feeling too (name any excuse) to initiate that
dialogue. Please pray for me to put myself on that path. Please pray
for me to pray.



Dear Alex

What you are really asking for, I believe, is the Way to the Kingdom Within.

Know this: your acknowledgement of the fact that you need prayer shows that you have entered on the Path. It is often a very difficult time for one who has begun to sense the Kingdom of God, but does not quite know what to do next or where to turn. For some, making that final commitment is as difficult as it is vital - it is a commitment that every single human being must make sooner or later if he or she are to fulfill the purpose of their lives.

The inability most people feel to make the decisive step is due to the ego, the small "I" in them that is fighting for its very existence. I am talking about the little "me" in each one of us that does not want to give up the false glamour and sense-pleasures of this world. But I assure you: the Joy of being One with God is the greatest Joy of all. Against that, the sense-pleasures fade and they are revealed for the illusions they are.

It is when your true Self gains ascendancy in your life that you are suddenly able to See and things fall into wonderful perspective. It is what we mean by the expression "born again". It also means the ego must die to make way for the birth of your Higher Self. It is about becoming selfless and a perfect instrument for His use.

Josef S Benner says to those seeking the Kingdom of God, "... the Kingdom (is) where a Great Love and Wisdom, the serving and the inspiring of others, and the utter forgetfulness of self, are the natural life of everyone who dwells therein."

Here is a clear signpost to the Entrance of the Kingdom:

"Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours." (Mar 11:24)

So, Alex, the message I have for you is this: ask, and believe, that you can pray and you will pray.

But you should know that prayer is only one half of the equation. Prayer is talking to God. But you must also teach yourself to listen to God and this is done through meditation. I want to ask you to read my response to Ed Bellemore at the following web address: which has more about meditation. Follow the directions that Spirit in me has given there and you will be amazed how much it will help to unlock things for you.

I also want to point you to the "Prayer" on my web site. It is a very powerful affirmation and prayer and I urge you to listen to it again and again. Contemplate deeply on what it says. If possible, memorize it and say it softly to yourself many times a day. It will help to liberate your Higher Self.

Finally, be absolutely sure of this: the help you are asking for is closer than hands and feet.

I pray that you will soon dissolve the things that seem block your growth at this time. I am also sending your request to the School of Truth, who have a wonderful prayer group, to pray for you.

The Blessings of Spirit Within go out to you. Please stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.


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