Thursday, 12 February 2009

The Lowest Point - Another Response

11 February 2009

Dear Deborah

We heard about you and felt the need to get in touch, encourage you in your journey as a Truth student, to live and embody the Truth.

God is all there is

It is critical that we focus on what IS, i.e. God, rather than on appearances, i.e. illness, poverty, lack and all the other negatives we see with our eyes.

Let us realise that there is One Cosmic Reality Principle and Presence in the Universe – God. All creation originates in this One Source, meaning God is all there is. From this One Infinite Source flows the spiritual, mental, and physical Universal Life, all Love, all Law, all Energy, all Harmony, all Being, and all physical form.

This leads us to that, each human being is a creation of God, made of the God-substance, a unique, individualized Incarnation of Spirit. This incarnated Spirit is your Essence and the Essence of every human being now and forever.

Spiritual mind treatment

We must believe in our own treatment if it is going to be effective. We must believe that there is a thing as Spirit, and that IT is right here responding to us and expressing as the experience or the condition we wish to enjoy. The mind should transcend the appearance so that the appearance can be changed. If the mind doesn’t get any farther than the appearance, that appearance will not change.

We must think of ourselves as being the way we would like to be. The appearance is a fact, but not self creative. We should forget all the negative arguments, forget all the reasons why it is not so and begin to think of a few reasons why it is so.

Jesus told us not to judge according to appearances, for there is a perfection at the centre of things. Christ said ”Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in heaven is perfect” He again said “God has made us” The Divine Spirit is already within us. This is our Father who desires only our good” Spirit has already provided a law of mind, giving us the use of a power greater than we are. And if only we will learn to live in recognition of this Presence and in harmony with this law, then the miracle of life and love will take place. He coupled the knowledge of spiritual truth with the thought that there is a law of mind which acts upon our belief and brings into our experience those things we believe, and not what we wish for.

Christ proclaimed that there is a presence within us that it is already perfect. All we need to do is to learn to live right today. And when we do, previous mistakes will be blotted out and our future will be taken care of.

But before this can happen we must learn to live right today. It is in this moment of time that we are to make the great decision. It is in this day in which we are living that we must choose what path we are to follow.

Shall we live in fear or in faith? Shall we live in confusion or in the peace that comes from a deep and abiding conviction that there is a power greater than we are, ready, willing and able to work for us?

To live affirmatively is to live as God lives, so we must plunge beneath the appearance. This is where the test comes. We are testing ourselves to see whether we can forget all negativity and conceive more good, let go of limitation and take hold of limitless, let go of the appearance and embrace reality. That we surrender to the dignity of God’s law, to the love of God’s Presence, to the glory and joy of that Being and no longer be afraid.

As we turn to the great heart of love in and around us and recognise the divine nature of our own being and consciously unify ourselves with the living Spirit, we thank God that we let go of fear.

The practice of Truth must be activated and empowered by an individual consciousness of the all-pervading Loving Presence within and round about us.

Training the mind to think differently is simple enough, but not easy. This is where faith must be used - faith in a power greater than we are, based on firm conviction that we live in a Divine Presence that wishes only good for us.


We are called to reform all our thinking, to make a complete and final surrender of all our littleness, fears, doubts, and uncertainties to that great something within us that is calm, certain and sure. That something has never really left its divine kingdom, even though our minds have become so confused, so unhappy, and so filled with fear.

As much as this is our great challenge, it also is the great adventure of faith in a power greater than we are, the challenge of a love that abides forever.

Here’s an affirmation you can say quietly and with deep conviction:

I realise that I am one with the eternal newness of life. All that Spirit is creates in and through me. My body is alive with the life of God. My body is illumined by the light of God. There is no darkness or discouragement, despair, or defeat. My mind is refreshed in that One Mind that eternally gives of itself to its creation.

All that God has is mine. I open my heart to accept the good gifts of joy, happiness, and enthusiasm, right now. I open my heart to know that that which is forever ageless is my source.

I decree that my body and my experiences shall reflect the image of life in all of its newness, and I shall move through the days of my years with gladness in my mind. I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever, knowing that my cup is full to overflowing with the only life there is, the life and the eternal youth of God. And so it is.

I suggest if you haven’t read a copy of Nicol Campbell’s book “My Path of Truth” that you download a copy for yourself.

With God’s love

Sent from Pretoria

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